A Few Giant Weedy Seadragons

Australia day this year was spent painting the biggest painting I have ever done. 2.4 meter’s long to be exact. I was honoured to participate along side 5 other local Northern Beaches artists to paint live on Australia day at Dee Why beach for the Northern Beaches Council (Link: https://www.warringah.nsw.gov.au/play/whats/warringah-council-events/art-beach) . Sunshine, ocean breeze and doing what I love, all while breaking out of my comfort zone in a very public setting was on the menu. Colour and scale… Loved it.

Why these Weedy Sea Dragons? Local to the harbours of Sydney I wanted to show an animal in need of some public attention and worth protecting. Currently there is a campaign for further protections of Sydney’s beaches and harbours, these Hope Spots are of vital importance to reserve what we have and want to enjoy for years to come. (link: http://saveourmarinelife.org.au/) The artwork was inspired by an image taken by Richard Vevers, ‎Founder of The Ocean Agency (link: http://www.theoceanagency.org/) and Executive Director of the XL Catlin Seaview Survey. (link: http://catlinseaviewsurvey.com/)

Our Murals are currently on display down at the south side of Dee Why beach for a period of 18 months. Get down and have a look.

Photos: My own & Kayapa Creative Studio.