‘Sumatran Tiger, Hidden Gem’

Get it? I’m trying out a pun here people. Well I think it’s a pun…

I have re released my Disappearing Stripes artwork print as an Endangered Edition. What is? Approximately 400 Sumatran Tigers remain in the wild, hiding in the forests of Indonesia, the palm oil planation producer to the world. What is? See the link here.

They will explain so much better than I, but pretty much palm oil is in over 40% of all out grocery products and it is the reason that Rhinos, Elephants, Orangutans and Tigers are being driven to extinction. 

I have released an Endangered Edition series of 400, each being individually embellished for their own uniqueness.

Order through my online store  for a surprise delivery as every piece is different, or visit my studio to pick your own.

Each Print Sold will see me donate 15% of the sale to Melbourne based non for profit Palm Oil Investigations.

You can download their app for free to start avoiding conflict palm oil products now.

Jaimee Paul Disappearing Stripes Sumatran TigerJaimee Paul Endangered Edition Sumatran Tiger