My own little arty getaway.

When you have a human that you consider a sister living in a foreign land and she asks you to visit, you’d go right? November 2016 I was in a little bit of a rut. At the end of my first year away from uni I felt like I hadn’t achieved enough. 2015 was pretty hard to top career wise… So I took the opportunity to escape. Off I flew to Manilla, the capital of the Philippines. Rolls of canvas, paper, inspirations and few commissions in tow I packed Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert and my journal for my own little artist in residence.

7 days high up in a tower where birds circled the building all day long I created. I played. It was refreshing and needed.

Then it was adventure time. To Boracay we went. Sailing, Snorkelling and all in-between.

Travel. Always travel. It’s where you find inspiration and the strength to do that other stuff all over again.

Jaimee Paul Manilla Artwork