These little fishes were my artwork for the NinetyFive Percent Exhibition I curated in 2015. Created from a photograph taken for the XL Catlin Seaview Survey He gets his name from the location the photograph was taken, the Island of Chagos in the Maldives. The Ocean Agency, the team behind that initiative are visually mapping our ocean and documenting our changing oceans before and after bleaching event, so they don’t go unnoticed. They are working on the next global initiative 50 Reefs and NinetyFive Percent Two will be donating a percentage sales to the cause. The Next event is happening on June 8th 2017 (World Ocean Day) Follow to find out more – @ninetyfive_percent on Instagram, /NinetyFivePercent95 on Facebook.

SeriesArt for PurposeSize40cm X 40cmYear2015