A Tribute to the Sioux Tribe

Myself and fellow B-Sider Susie Dureau had the pleasure of assisting and learning from our mural master Miguel Gonzalez the world of street art.  On the corner of Sydney’s well known Eveleigh Street in Redfern we painted a beautiful woman next to iconic Australian street artist Anthony Lister On the wall of Work-Shop HQs Her face and form a Tribute the Sioux Tribe in North Dakota. We paid tribute to the Standing Rock Indian Reservation and those that are fighting for it’s history and to remain the right to clean water.

‘Respect those that came before you’ A tittle seemingly fitting for the Aborigional flag from the previous mural before Miguel’s.

It was such a fun day with great friends all captured with the photograph eye of talented Gabby Villiabia

Jaimee Paul Street Art

Jaimee Paul Sioux Tribe

Jaimee Paul Redfern Mural